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Free lockdown tech reading – building secure and reliable systems

Have you found yourself retagging your music collection (like, really who has an offline collection these days?) and how many films and streaming series can you watch before sticking a fork in your eye might be a worthy distraction? The complete 557 page book from O’Reilly “Building Secure and Reliable Systems” free and with the compliments of Google Cloud 🙂

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Looking for IT delivery leadership work

Scrum Master / Iteration Manager / Agile Coach / Delivery Lead – looking for a new role due to COVID-19 cutbacks. 

Deep expertise in delivery leadership with lean-agile frameworks, Scrum, SAFe, Kanban and waterfall. Experienced agile coach, program architect and former principal management consultant. Key attributes around organising and structuring, ensuring business value is delivered through enabling and managing application and web development, consulting, infrastructure and architecture teams with multiple sourcing models. Broad and deep technical background. Able to rapidly identify and implement what needs to be done to achieve success for you, your organisation and your customers.

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Inconsistent change

Change. Why consistency is everything and how new players like Facebook still have to deal with the legacy of change and inconsistent code causing an inconsistent user experience.

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Cookie Party

Cookie Monster is one of my favourite Sesame Street characters, especially the unrivalled hunger for his namesake. I was reminded of this by a two day old Washington Post article titled “Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software“. This article goes into some depth about how we are individually being tracked online, the impact of this and how often there is scant knowledge of why this is happening and what the outcome is for us and the purveyors of Internet sites and services…[read on for solutions to this]

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Home Affairs reveals Australian authorities already using new encryption powers

This is how it starts, how under the guise of “security” our freedom and privacy is stripped away. A thoroughly bad law has been implemented and supported by both sides of Australian politics. What’s worse than the impact on our individual privacy is what it means for the state of cryptography across the entire Internet: purposefully allowing back doors to be built into core components of the technology foundation is ripe for abuse by both state and non state actors.

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Where did it all go?

Yep, we’ve all been there managing an ever decreasing amount of storage on our favorite weapon of choice. A short post to plug Windows and Android tools to assist.

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