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What’s not to love about the Internet?

I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about the Internet? Looking to resurrect Lazarus I got caught in a nasty Catch-22 logic loop trying to restore a ten year old MySQL database, the old “copy the data directory from a gzip tar file made on a Linux system in 2006 and plonk it onto a 2016 Windows 10 XAMPP MySQL build and fire up the cmd line”, I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that?

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Cute error message today from a site while uploading some source code: programmers love their “alternate” sense of humor 😀 FileZilla retried and kept on trucking.

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An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption

McKinsey & Company: “From the vantage point of 2016, when print media lie shattered by a tsunami of digital disruption, it’s easy to talk about who made the “right” decision and who the “wrong.” Things are far murkier when one is actually in the midst of disruption’s uncertain, oft-hyped early stages…”

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Second Life creators to revamp in VR

Virtual worlds and communities can be fascinating: existence outside the physical, projecting yourself, your mind, your existence into the digital realm, new possibilities, new ways of being, new frontiers. At issue though is making a compelling business model, just like the Internet wasn’t built for commercial gain, not everything should be business return driven, and the issue then is how to achieve scale, penetration and uptake without it. If you build it will they come?

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Code Monkey

On the back of NetworkWorld’s recent announcement, and other harbingers of doom, that Android’s KitKat (4.x) LolliPop (5.x) & Marshmallow (6.x) releases have known security issues, I decided to seriously revisit taking up being a code monkey again. This time though it’s (more?) serious with 100+ issues including several chipset code vulnerabilities being reported by our good friends at Google. Easy, I’ll have this fixed in a jiffy: whip out VirtualBox currently enjoying a cushy life as a Xamarin Android Player for a virtualised Nexus 7 LolliPop plaything (what, you don’t have virtual playthings?) and that old copy of Ubuntu LTS 14.04 which has been taking up precious NAS space and use up some of that extraneous SSD space on my i7 laptop…

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Are you a zero or a one? The role of wisdom.

How does that relate to “the role of wisdom”? Wisdom imbibes fortune (“luck”) when fortune is attained through knowledge of the new potentials of the digital disruption landscape, we choose to know and we choose to act and these combined with thought give us opportunity. We consciously make our own “luck”.

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Starting is the hardest…

…but also the most rewarding, the most “fun”. Where you create from nothing, where there are boundless possibilities.

And restarting, starting again, continuing in a new form, that’s rewarding too!

I’ve been online since 1988 when I ran Arcadia Opus, a free and dedicated 24×7 dial-up Bulletin Board System in FidoNet, focussed on the C and x86 assembly programming languages, I was also a beta tester…

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