One day someone was walking through a forest and came across a grizzly bear. The bear saw our ambulating comrade and charged toward them, stopping mere meters away, rearing up on hind legs, roaring ferociously. Our hiker felt the heat and moisture of the bear’s bellow, the ferocity of the sound, and was terrified.

For the walker is their situation “urgent” or “important”? Let’s discount “dire” and focus on “urgent” as the bear requires immediate attention. Something has to be done (reacted to) right now, immediately.

How about “important”, what would make this situation important? Before entering the forest the walker might have espied a sign proclaiming “beware, bears live in this forest”, that would be important.

Knowing in advance that there were bears in the forest our walker could have taken steps to ensure that an “urgent” situation didn’t occur, they might have walked somewhere else or done something else to avoid the urgency of having to make a life or death choice, or perhaps just prayed to their deity.

Regardless, avoiding urgent work by focusing on important work will help you with your product delivery.