The Pretenders song Brass in pocket, no, not quite. The saying “brass in pocket” as a colloquialism for having money in your pocket, and what is money but stored value? Having value in your pocket. And the Pocket app is one of my most favorite cloud based incarnations of the modern app. You haven’t heard of Pocket? From the “about” page on their website:

About Pocket

Pocket was founded in 2007 by Nate Weiner to help people save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device — phone, tablet or computer. It can be viewed while waiting in line, on the couch, during commutes or travel — even offline.
The world’s leading save-for-later service currently has more than 22 million registered users and is integrated into more than 1500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter and Zite. It is available for major devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Windows.
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Coupled with the Google Chrome browser and the cunningly named Save to Pocket add-on I fill my pocket with interesting articles for consumption. Through crowdsourcing there’s a quality and variety of saved articles oft bereft in the low signal to noise ratio of some online offerings.
Today I watched why we only learn when we repeat

and learned about the power of first person shooter video games on brain neuroplasticity

plus the INFJ personality type, how the universe may be conscious, the real threat of artificial intelligence, and about The Next Big Thing (TNBT) ala what’s next in computing.

Here’s a screenshot of my current “My List” of saved articles:

The connected, borderless, online world. Where time is the only constraint, time to consume, to feed on the enormous wealth of information only a thought away.