On Friday, 8 October 2021 I gave an online talk for the global Access Agile Freestival on my experiences with “re-employing agile – embracing agility outside traditional software development”.

What was covered

  • How do teams that don’t deliver software use agile practices?
  • Discover the similarities and differences that teams in non-traditional software development environments have when embracing agility
  • Taking learnings from Growth Mindset, Scrum to Kanban and SAFe, learn how organisations can adopt agile to continuously improve their delivery of value

Learning outcomes

  • Insights on how non software delivery teams can use agile frameworks/practices
  • How you might use fundamentals of agility in any team

Below is the YouTube link to a video recording of the talk plus other resources including an audio-only version of the talk together with the slides I presented and a transcript of my speaker notes.

Video recording: