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Category: Development

Automating Jira sprints

This post describes the advantages of automating Jira sprint creation for Agile leaders, emphasizing enhanced efficiency, consistency, and improved long-term planning. It features a script authored by Andrew and hosted on GitHub, enabling the creation of single or multiple sprints across multiple Jira projects. The script ensures standardized sprint naming, start/end dates, and times, and facilitates the retrieval of SprintIDs for seamless integration with JQL and Confluence.

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Saying goodbye: the hardest

Saying “goodbye” to an awesome team is so very, very hard. What have we learned? I’ll warrant more about ourselves through each other than we’d have learned alone. Two quotes have been swimming in my mind tonight, one from the Bard and one from a seminal film.

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Agile software development

This post is the text of an article I wrote and internally published on Friday, 27th April 2018 while working at NBN Australia to provide an Iteration Manager aka Scrum Master retrospective the day before our next Program Increment planning session. It’s from a point in time where the Iteration Manager (me!) was looking at what’s changed and what challenges are still to come for the development team.

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