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Category: Thoughts

What is the metaverse, and do I have to care? – The Verge

A “replacement” for the Internet, Web 3.x, metaspace, metaverse, metauniverse, NFTs, persistent virtual presence, augmented and virtual reality. Lots of words and phrases to describe the continuing cultural and technical shift in URL (unreal life, as opposed to IRL – in real life). A thought provoking article from the Verge on developments in this space.

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Home Affairs reveals Australian authorities already using new encryption powers

This is how it starts, how under the guise of “security” our freedom and privacy is stripped away. A thoroughly bad law has been implemented and supported by both sides of Australian politics. What’s worse than the impact on our individual privacy is what it means for the state of cryptography across the entire Internet: purposefully allowing back doors to be built into core components of the technology foundation is ripe for abuse by both state and non state actors.

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