Myth 8: The Scrum Master is a Junior Agile Coach

Wednesday 3 January, 2018

Image by jesse orrico on Unsplash 

There’s sometimes a view that the Scrum Master role is below an Agile Coach, and often times this is extended to the view that they are simply a junior coach, the “we’re all in it together” view of Agile breaks down in situations like this. And remembering that we’re trying to effect change and flatten hierarchies, Barry Overeem of debunks this myth.

In this blog post we’ve busted the myth that “The Scrum Master is a junior Agile Coach”. Effective change is driven from “the inside-out”. The Scrum Master – being part of the Scrum Team – is in a better position to facilitate this change than an (external) Agile Coach. This is also how the Scrum Guide intended the role of the Scrum Master…