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Month: July 2017

Nothing will come of nothing

When Shakespeare’s King Lear utters those words in reaction to his daughter’s refusal to proclaim sycophantic love he sets in motion a causal sequence leading to a greater understanding of himself, of love, of life. When I look up on a clear night and observe the stars and perceive the incredible beauty of our existence I’m seldom left without a feeling of awe. Awe at this existence of ours, our self-awareness, our being. Too often in our work life we’re so focused on the task at hand more so than the wider picture; the context, the reason, is forgotten. What are we trying to achieve? What does success look like? What lateral avenues are available to us? How can we “win”? The role of self-reflection, of introspection, of pure thought is oft resigned to the backwaters of the consciousness…

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Brass in pocket

Brass in pocket, no, not quite. The saying “brass in pocket” as a colloquialism for having money in your pocket, and what is money but stored value? Having value in your pocket. And the Pocket app is one of my most favorite cloud based incarnations of the modern app. You haven’t heard of Pocket? Read on to learn about this incredibly useful tool…

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