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Month: June 2016

Are you a zero or a one? The role of wisdom.

How does that relate to “the role of wisdom”? Wisdom imbibes fortune (“luck”) when fortune is attained through knowledge of the new potentials of the digital disruption landscape, we choose to know and we choose to act and these combined with thought give us opportunity. We consciously make our own “luck”.

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Starting is the hardest…

…but also the most rewarding, the most “fun”. Where you create from nothing, where there are boundless possibilities.

And restarting, starting again, continuing in a new form, that’s rewarding too!

I’ve been online since 1988 when I ran Arcadia Opus, a free and dedicated 24×7 dial-up Bulletin Board System in FidoNet, focussed on the C and x86 assembly programming languages, I was also a beta tester…

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